This week the internet was in a disgust-buzz over a Melbourne cafe’s invention, now known as the infamous Avolatte.

Avo is currently going through a mini renaissance with avo-on-toast leading the mushy bunch. It’s even been fingered recently by a millionaire real estate mogul as the reason why millennials don’t buy houses anymore.  Since  10,000 BC, when an Avo Lover in Coxcatlán, Mexico, took it upon himself to document the fruit on the walls of his cave, this pear has been hanging tight with humans.

But from the island beaches of the world, everybody’s favourite holiday nut is making a play for the lime light.  A Washington Coffee shop recently grammed a direct challenge to the Avolatte. Behold the Cocolatte. The concocoction will be available at The Urban Coffee Lounge this summer, complete with coffee stained clothes guaranteed.