Yes, your favourite student tipple is back, back again. In a can?!

Autumn Harvest Crackling, billed as a good quality, semi-sweet perlé wine announced last week that their beverage is now available in a can. According to their facebook page the Eastern Cape will be the first lucky recipients of the canned crackling.

Wine Down at Distell

Since last year when some SABMiller bigwigs defected to Distell – the manufacturer of Autumn Harvest –  the company’s focus began shifting to RTDs (Ready to Drink) and beer. In the process the Stellenbosch company slowly started trimming their wine portfolio, selling off properties like Le Bonheur Wine Estate. And last month legendary head winemaker Razvan Macici suddenly left the company, hinting at more troubles within the wine faction of Distell.

Taking all this into account, sticking wine in a can was probably on the cards all along, however to date the markets have showed little interest in Distell’s new wine-lite approach.