The first time Beyonce Knowels caught my eye was in 2002 as Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers Goldmember. Can’t remember if it was the afro or skimpy cloths, but I sure as hell took notice and so did a few million other guys .. and girls of cause.  Beyonce brought something new and exciting to the music scene and the media loved it. She knew what the world wanted and delivered accordingly. Today Beyonce is a mega star with millions in the bank, a rich husband and even a Wikipedia page dedicated to her awards alone. The girl sure did something right.

All of this flashed through my head the other day, while opening a bottle of Naughty Girl bubbly. Except for the obvious link to Beyonce’s song with the same name I could also recall when I first spotted this little sweet thing. It was at the Durbanville Beer Festival. Yes a beer festival but it was the Naughty Girl bubbly that grabbed most of the attention. It was not long before this pink drink got throat action all over the place. Everyone loved it, even the guys.

Today it seems obvious that Naughty Girl Bubbly is ripe for world domination, just like Beyonce, and it will not be long before it’s easy ways seduce most.