From obscurity, the Negroni cocktail slid back into mainstream cocktail bars like some kind of forgotten DM.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen classic cocktails like these making an unexpected comeback, with the Negroni and the Old Fashioned leading the pack.

Although mostly fueled by history and ongoing global trends, one can not deny the fact that the current gin revolution contributed mainly to the Negroni’s popularity in South Africa. It rolled in like a Swartland bootlegger in his Hilux and set the tone for things to come.

All of a sudden sweet Brannas was kicked to the curb in favour of short bitter drinks like the Negroni. These gin driven swills were the perfect all-night sippers and kept demanding palates interested for hours.

Through all this Negroni’s popularity grew international to such an extent that we now have a week dedicated to the tipple.

Since 2013, when Imbibe Magazine and Campari announced the first Negroni Week, bars across the world celebrate the classic cocktail for one week every June.

To help the cause we suggest you try a Negroni each day of the week at the following Cape Town venues. To be honest, it can be at any venue, but we can vouch for the list below if you long for in proper Negroni.


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If you’re like us and want to document your drinking behaviour feel free to tag your social posts with #NegroniADay or #NegroniWeek