On the fringe of Cape Town’s easy city, a steady coffee smog streams-up the crisp winter morning sky. It’s cold, and on the streets studded beardos congregate for their morning java.

In recent times, the East City reinvented itself as the coffee hub of Cape Town. Started in 2015 with the world’s best coffee shop, Truth, to present-day franchises like Bootlegger and Vida e Caffè, coffee is on every street of the eastern precinct. Heck, there’s even a street called Coffee Lane.

However, with coffee fame comes coffee tourists. Wandering globetrotters taking snaps of uninspiring building facades are a common sight these days. It’s sort of like the Waterfront, but without the self-obsessed charm.

You can easily find the coffee pioneers like Truth, Haas and Deluxe all along Buitenkant, but if you’re willing to wander beyond the obvious, the East City has some of the best coffee in the most unexpected places.


This little jewellery shop on the edge of town might be easily overlooked when on a coffee hunt, but don’t be fooled by the rocks they got. Inside you will find a very knowledgable barista, ready to pour your next cup of delicious Deluxe coffee while you eye the jewels.

Just Like Papa

“They don’t make them like they used to” is not something you’ll be hearing at Just Like Papa. At this speciality store, you will find everything you never knew you needed for your next outdoor excursion. From premium-quality axes to authentic Bialetti pots, and of cause freshly brewed quality coffee, it’s all here. Remember to bring your balls when paying this glorious man cave a visit.  

I Love My Laundry

“I Love My Laundry”, says no one ever, except when you drop it off at I Love My Laundry on Buitenkant Street. This laundry cum cafe will do the nasty for you, while you nibble on dim sum and sip the black stuff.


Ok so this is actually a coffee shop, but if you’re not too familiar with the Eastside you might miss it. Situated next to one of Cape Town oldest soup kitchens, Deliverance approach to capitalism is slightly different. Every time you buy Satans drink here, you will indirectly donate a meal to someone in need next door.

Roastin’ Records

Black coffee in your cup as well as on the decks or actually not so much on the decks. Roastin’ Records is a vinyl store for everyone who can’t find their favourite not-so-mainstream record on Takealot. A carefully curated collection of music and coffee awaits caffeine craving audiophiles.

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